Chatroulette United Kingdom

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"Just Chatting Randomly to the UK"
This site is for all people in the UK. Make new friends if you want or just keep it random.


Well what is ChatRoulette UK?

ChatRoulette is a fast growing internet pastime and it has become an important online social networking game. This chatroulette is for the United Kingdom community.

This type of thing may not be for you, and that's why we have put the WARNING: This site may contain nuts. That's not being rude it's just because you could be connected to anyone.
There have been a number of descriptions for this new craziness, for example, that it's like riding a bus past an apartment building at night, looking briefly into as many lit windows as possible”, that it captures the “thrill” of “meeting a new person in a primal way,” that it's comparable to “speed-dating tens of thousands of perfect strangers”.
The original site started in November 2009 and since then the phenomenon has grown with global audiences in the millions. Now there are several similar sites, including this one that is mainly for UK people.

What is the big deal about this craze?

One word - Escapism!

Well, as we've said it's been described as speed dating with thousands of complete strangers and you have no idea who you may be paired up with. You may be alone at home, somewhere in the UK, or the wife has just gone to bed, and you can have the excitement of actually talking face to face with all kinds of people. They could be interesting, bizarre or even looking for more - if you know what I mean. What's more, the whole experience is completely anonymous.
With Facebook you befriend people and neglect your own friends, or you've read all about it and seen the photos so why bother meeting for a drink you already know everything and have nothing to talk about. With cam rouletting it's an instant buzz!

How do you play?

The randomchat is instant and no download is required. It runs on Adobe® Flash® Player 10+ (common web browser plugin). 
You need a computer (using a web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player), a webcam and of course Internet access, then you are ready to go. Make sure your webcam is on. When prompted select allow to enable access. All you do then is press "Start" to get into a session. The Next button is your 'out' if you get bored or do not like who or what you to see.
A top tip. If you want to get away from someone but don't want to hurt their feelings, just pretend you have something to do e.g., get something out of the oven. Given a choice, most of us would prefer to talk to our friends than watch a random half-naked woman in Manchester. Why not do both!